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  1. Mimi Garrity Denman
  2. Lori Fraser
  3. Gail Tucker Whipple
  4. Ann McArtor
It may be an overused word but I truly am passionate about helping to create truly outstanding workplaces.
Throughout my career, I have taken many business and personality assessments. With very few exceptions I weigh heavily towards creativity plus organization – a combination that is highly unique I've been told. Due to this combination of strengths, I've had a very well rounded background and experienced success as a strategist, a creative problem solver, a designer, a writer, a leader and a consultant. I’ve worked in marketing, public relations, events, brand reputation, internal communications, design, corporate social responsibility, and executive communications. I’ve worked for HR, Marketing and even once for Legal! 
I know internal communications. My entire career has been dedicated to creating internal communications functions and having a key leadership role for some of the world’s largest and most dynamic global companies.
Most recently, I was Executive Vice Present of Accounts for ROI Communication where I leveraged my significant experience in transformation efforts and executive, human resources, sales, and mergers and acquisition communications for many clients, including Hewlett-Packard, Maxim Integrated, PepsiCo, Clorox, Cisco and Toyota. In fact, my work on the Toyota account was awarded the IABC Gold Quill of Excellence for outstanding change management communication.
I'm known for my creative approach/ability with all kinds of challenges. I write, design, and produce content in all media, thanks to stints as an agency copywriter, TV producer, and webmaster. I'm also skilled at creating, clarifying and managing change at a corporate level, as well as working with individuals as an accredited coach. 
I love this communication stuff so much I did my post-graduate work in the area of innovation and creativity.

What clients say:
  • Versatile, quick study, original, and inventive
  • Fresh ideas/strong writing from someone who always meets deadlines and exceeds expectations
  • Identifies issues and generates thoughtful solutions
  • Deep listener and big picture thinker 
I have been writing since I was five years old. I no longer have to sneak out of bed at night to write my pieces by the bathroom night light, but the urge to create something interesting with words has never left.
Today there is nothing more stimulating to me than helping a client find their own voice. Together, we figure out what they want to say and then find clear and expressive language to make it relevant for their target audience.
And we never, ever use “corporate speak." As my career has progressed, internal communications have become the most interesting area to work in. I’m always looking for what makes people think something is worth listening to. An organization can’t thrive until it figures that out.
Mimi Garrity Denman continued
I have coached and consulted with the very top leaders of all the companies where I’ve worked. I have successfully managed internal communications through three acquisitions, two mergers, one start-up success and repurposing, and many human resources processes and programs. I’ve worked for national companies, family run companies, and medium and large global corporations. I am calm in a crisis and can react quickly and effectively. I’m a huge advocate for collaboration and am a committed leader. I’ve successfully built both internal and external brands.
Throughout my career I’ve been responsible for developing and delivering consistent, creative communications that engage employees at all levels of the organization.
I’ve built four SharePoint Intranets from scratch (Adecco, E*Trade, Taleo and RMS) and have been a constant contributor to many others, including at Cisco where I also worked as an executive communications lead.
As the Chief Marketing Officer for Adecco Employment Services, I managed all marketing and communication (both internal and external).
I received a B.A. in Art education and Design from The George Washington University and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. I also studied design at The Newhouse School of Syracuse University (MFA program).
Skills: Marketing, SharePoint, intranets, executive communications, internal communications, writing, editing, strategy, illustration, graphic design, social media, corporate identity, messaging, branding, presentations, OmniGraffle.
Lori Fraser continued
Prior to joining ROI, I was Director of Employee Communications at National Semiconductor where I was responsible for building the internal communications strategy and infrastructure. I conducted focus groups with stakeholders throughout Europe and Asia to develop culturally specific communication programs. I also ran the internal communications function at their Scotland facility.
My work experience spans more than 20 years. Prior to National, I ran the internal communications function at Raychem including leading the integration into Tyco Int’l.  
As the head of internal communications for E*TRADE, I focused heavily on employing the most innovative programs to build the brand within a dot com company.
When it comes to internal communications, there’s nothing I haven’t seen or done. My broad experience in internal corporate communications strategy is enhanced by my keen interest and experience in employee engagement. One of my skills is bridging international cultural gaps. My international experience has given me an acute awareness of subtle and not-so-subtle differences between regions, job-levels and functions, and the adjustments necessary to ensure effective communication.
I have a B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  
Gail Tucker Whipple continued

My creativity shows up not only in my communications work, but in the career path I have followed. Beyond being a writer-for-hire in several "usual" capacities such as copywriter, producer, and webmaster, I've been a teacher and university professor. I founded and ran a martial arts dojo and children's theater program for the public good. I co-founded a grassroots ecological community called, well, grassroots. I've produced a singer-songwriter album, a children's book, and have co-written an online parenting course. I've been a leader, mentor, or coach in a list of non-profits ranging from services for folks who are homeless to those who are differently-abled.
In all the work I've done, the throughput of my contribution includes writing and designing communications that move the conversation forward in ways that inspire.
Words and images are powerful. I love to combine thought, motion, and vision in ways that cause a welcome spark. 
I earned a bachelor's in English and Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master's of Transpersonal Psychology from Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.
Skills: Writing, editing, websites, intranets, video, social media, branding, html email, change management, teaching/empowerment, curriculum development. Technology: Sharepoint, multiple website platforms, Silverpop (direct mail). If it's technology, I like it!
Ann Mc Artor continued    

 At Cisco Systems, I led internal communications for the 24,000-employee Development Organization, spearheading a move toward messaging that used plain, conversational language to reach a demanding and skeptical engineering audience.
My career has been characterized by contrasts:
Both agency and client side roles
Start-ups and major corporations
High tech B2B and low tech consumer audiences
These have given me a solid foundation to work from and plenty of grist for the mill of internal communications. With a broad base of experience in writing and editing, I am particularly interested now in helping clients write for the web.
The little kid writing poems and stories on scraps of paper grew up to earn a B.A. in English and French from the University of Michigan and a Master’s degree in Liberal Arts from Stanford University.
Those were followed by decades of diverse professional and personal experiences, the kind of stuff that makes a writer keep writing, for herself and for old and new clients.