From Our Clients

  1. Butler Rondeno
  2. Lance Lew, Director, Community Marketing at NBC Bay Area
  3. Jane Church, Founder, My LifeWorks
  4. Alan D. Stone Chairman and CEO, 10 Plus Entertainment
  5. Mark Emerson, Chief Marketing Officer, OpTerra Energy Services
  6. Tina Cox, Executive Vice President, Head of Accounts at ROI Communication
  7. Peter Engler, Career Expert/Strategist/Speaker
  8. Mike Zorn, SVP Associate and Labor Relations at Macy's Inc
Mimi Denman is the ultimate and complete package when it comes to corporate communications and branding strategies. I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of working with Mimi over the past couple of years and witnessed her brilliant innovation in helping to engage employees by using visionary and strategic thinking to lead and execute
internal communications...
Gail is a creative person's creative person! She's immediately engaged in the conversation, and an excellent listener. She helps direct my brainstorming, and gets us to a winning final product. Whether writing a speech, producing a video or directing a skit (she also does custom music for me), she gets it done, and I enjoy collaborating with her.
I have known Ann Mc Artor for over twenty years. Whether in personal contact, team projects, or as a group leader, she consistently lifts the playing field to its highest level of excellence.Through her healthy curiosity, insightful questioning, tact, logic and openness to new ideas and experiences, Ann draws out best practices from the exchange. She breathes confidence into a project...
I worked with Lori on a very sensitive time constraint project where I found her highly responsive, offered great ideas and met every deadline. She quickly understood our culture and made sure her tone of writing was consistent with our cultural norms. I would not hesitate to use her again in the future.
I found that Gail (Whipple) was versatile, a quick study, original and inventive in everything she produced. She has lots of strong ideas, a collaborative approach, and working with her helped raise the bar in terms of our marketing materials. She is also very level headed, responsible and a pleasure to work with ...
...on a rare occasion one has the fortune in business to be associated with someone truly extraordinary - that would be the case with Mimi Garrity Denman. I had the good fortune to be introduced to Mimi by a mutual friend I had worked with when I was president of the video game company Sega of America...
I don't even know where to start to describe the value that Lori provides to her clients and her partners. She's strategic, understanding industry trends and global best practices. She's savvy and smart, able to digest complicated organizational challenges and offer practical, creative and realistic solutions. She builds deep relationships with every client...
I have worked with Ann in several capacities; she was a client, she was a senior marketing placement when I was a retained recruiter and she has been a valued resource in my career. Ann is a consumate professional and a delightful individual. Smart, poised, insightful in her professional endeavors...
Bulter Rondeno continued

...strategies through multiple channels including the intranet, multi-media walls, All Hands and Town Hall Meetings, PowerPoint presentations and executive messages. 

With her creative thinking and top notch graphic design skills, Mimi successfully engaged a global employee base in initiatives that would have otherwise been ignored. She also took the global intranet to another level by not only making it visually appealing, but also making it intuitive and fun for users. 

In addition, with her knowledge of and expertise in external communications and marketing, Mimi also provides a unique and insightful perspective on corporate communications and inspires those around her to be creative and take risks, which results in a high-energy and fun working environment with dynamic results.
Lance Lew full review

Earlier this year I hired Gail for a temporary assignment at a particularly busy time where our internal marketing resources were capacity constrained. Initially I brought her onboard to write case studies and success stories about projects and programs that our company has implemented over the past several years. I soon had her writing all sorts of copy and handling creative projects from brochures and internal documents to our website revamp. 
I found that she was versatile, a quick study, original and inventive in everything she produced. She has lots of strong ideas, a collaborative approach, and working with her helped raise the bar in terms of our marketing materials. She is also very level headed, responsible and a pleasure to work with which are important traits in the creative contracting field where so many people seem to lack professionalism and basic interpersonal skills. 
Gail worked for me just over three months until the projects were wrapped up. She then moved on to another assignment with a new client. I'm happy to recommend her work and am confident she will deliver great results, quickly with a high level of client satisfaction. 

Jane Church continued 

...revealing stellar future directions from concept to finished product. She has a positive approach to life and others, bringing good cheer and a nonthreatening approach to expressing ideas. She seeks out both creative and factual information before making practical decisions. She is both grounded and visionary as a spell binding word-smith. Ann is a true asset to anyone seeking her talent.
Alan Stone continued

...I  had founded a new company 10 Plus Entertainment and we had a project called New Hollywood Stars. After being introduced we hired Mimi to do the design for the whole look of our project that touched almost every media and distribution method of information in existence. 
Mimi literally took ownership of this part of our outbound phase, working closely with 10 Plus people and over- delivered in every aspect of the project. She was critical to our success - she was efficient, accurate and was just plain fun for all of us to work with. 
I hope we have the occasion to work with Mimi again in the future.  

Peter Engler continued

...Ann is also very friendly, positive, decent and responsible to her friends and collegues. She is capable of innovating and directing strategic solutions to challeging business problems and then ensuring that plans are implemented in a creative and effective fashion. Her ability to ideate and write powerful copy on a wide range of technical and business subjects has been demonstrated numerous times. She has worked in highly competitive environments with confidence, leads teams with a steady style and is pleasure to know.
Tina Cox continued both the executive and practitioner levels. She's experienced, having worked on incredibly complicated business transformation situations across many different industries. And, she's great fun to work with, a partner you want to have.