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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Gail Whipple


  1. How I Learned to Look Forward to Failing
    22 Jun, 2017
    How I Learned to Look Forward to Failing
    In fifth grade, I was told I had no athletic ability by people I respected. Zero. None. After all, I couldn’t do a graceful somersault, couldn’t catch a baseball, never won a running race and let’s just say I was never chosen in the first round as a tennis doubles partner. And I believed it. I never tried out for a sports team, never joined friends for a pick-up basketball game, hid when it was time to play team sports at camp and never joined a softball league just for fun. It was okay, I was
  2. 10 Tips for Writing A Winning Resume
    11 Oct, 2016
    10 Tips for Writing A Winning Resume
    Not just what you say but how you say it. This blog will help you look as professional as possible and land that dream job!
  3. Rome Notes: Bienvenue à Paris!
    21 Feb, 2016
    Rome Notes: Bienvenue à Paris!
    Even people who won’t set foot outside the U.S. in their entire lives have heard of Paris and Rome. To Americans, those are perhaps the two European cities with the most familiar names and the most fixed perceptions. Paris has the Eiffel Tower and croissants, and Rome has pasta and the pope. Right? After living in both cities, my own impressions are a bit more nuanced. If I had to summarize, I would say that Paris is beautiful and elegant, whereas Rome is beautiful and fascinating. Paris is
  4. Why This Baby Boomer Loves Working with Millennials
    03 Aug, 2015
    Why This Baby Boomer Loves Working with Millennials
    One of the best parts of managing internal communications is working with the whole company – across the globe and across generations. I love exploring what drives a given set of people. It helps me understand the best way to communicate and how to craft the right story for the right audience. As I study what's being said about the Millennial generation, I find that my experience with them simply doesn't match the picture being painted online. Which is a good thing, since the Internet is filled
  5. The Five 'Absolutes' to Launching a New Intranet
    16 Feb, 2015
    The Five 'Absolutes' to Launching a New Intranet
    While working for a software company as head of Internal Communications, I was assigned to develop a SharePoint 2010 intranet in less than two months. I had no full-time staff and a limited budget but lots of hard-working employee volunteers we called the GrassRoots team. Here are the five "absolutes" I learned: Collaboration is everything. Ask for help, and be appreciative. I had an amazing rapport with my colleagues from IT, and we were a dynamite team. I could never have met my goals